Taco D'Mand system advice?
Posted by Jim DeBruycker on July 07, 2004 at 20:50:44:
I've looked over some of the hot water recirulator retrofit kits and am interested in anyone that has experience with the Taco D'Mand system. I know that there are others out there, but I'm the only one home, and I like the features of the Taco. Many of the others run the pump all or most of the time. The Taco only runs when you ask it to.

The Gundfos Comfort (sp?) system is nice, but if you don't run the pump all of the time, you'd have to go manually turn it on if your schedule changed - plus, your cold line would be warm most of the time, which isn't very efficient. With the Taco system, you stll wait, but you do it only when you want, and the system is not wasting energy all the time.

I've been out of town over 10 weeks so far this year, and only having the system come on when you want it, seems like a good idea.

Anyone used one? What do you think? Alternatives, given my situation?

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