Posted by Joni on July 07, 2004 at 11:04:24:
I called the number (800-356-3496). The forms are on their way. I was told it might take 4-6 weeks to get them.

I was also given this URL:

I was told that because my home was built in 1982 that although I'm a member of the "Class" I won't be eligible for any reimbursement funds. The gentleman I spoke with told me to look on the pipes and check for a date stamped on the pipe because the pipes might be dated more recently and would possibly make me eligible for repair/replacement reimbursement.

GOOD LUCK to you!!!

: I've very recently purchased a home and was in the process of rehabilitating it so I could move in when the plumber's found a leak behind my tub. The leak had been extensive and caused a lot of mold. The entire wall around my tub had to be replaced because it had rotted away... the cause? QUEST pipes, grandfathered into the slab. I was told Quest pipes were made illegal because they are defective and also toxic.

: I wasn't told about the house having Quest pipes before I bought it, nothing was mentioned in the inspection reports.

: A friend told me about the Class Action against the manufacturers of Quest Pipes and thought I might be able to have those pipes replaced.

: I see lots of message boards all over the internet abut no real information about how to apply. However, I did find this phone number.

: 800-356-3496

: I haven't called it yet, but thought I'd share it just in case it might do some good.

: Any other information would be greatly appreciated, please send directly to my e-mail address.

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