Re: Toto Drake - tank doesn't fully empty?
Posted by Steve on July 07, 2004 at 11:03:32:
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Thanks, I won't worry about it then. :-)
Very pleased so far - a very quick flush with nothing left behind, and much quieter than the Flushmate.

: : The Toto Drake is very quiet and flushes fine, but I have one concern - only about half the water from the tank goes into the bowl - the flapper closes so quickly that a LOT of water remains in the tank (unless you hold the handle down longer than normal). Is this normal?

: Steve,
: Yes, it's normal. Almost all 1.6 toilets have tanks that hold 3 gallons or more.

: 1.6 gallons are released into the bowl during a flush.

: The reason that more water is held in the tank, is to elevate it,
: more height makes for more speed on the drop of the water.

: A nice side benefit of the new toilets, is less condensation on the tank. The water stays closer to room temperature. Terry Love

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