Re: Drilled into a PVC pipe
Posted by e-plumber on July 07, 2004 at 08:03:31:
In response to Re: Drilled into a PVC pipe
: I have to say that I've seen 3" dwv pvc repairs last 30 years using fiberglass patching.

: If it were a small hole on a vertical drainpipe, I would certainly attempt this and see how it holds up rather than cutting out larger sections.

: Greg

A fiberglass patch, tape, a screw with a rubber washer, bubble gum all would probably work to stop the leak on a small hole in a pipe but who would want to "see how it holds up"? The hole can eventually lead to a crack ot split running down the piping and a temporary patch will not prevent that.
It's best to do it the right way which would be to replace the defective section of drainage piping. As a licensed plumber, I would never advise that type of repair.

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