Re: Anchor Overmount Sink
Posted by Jim D on July 07, 2004 at 06:33:18:
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Did the counter get damaged around the sink hole and that is the reason you are replacing it with an overmount? It is so much easier to just push things into the undermount from the countertop - I don't care how hard you work at it, it is a pain to keep the lip clean on an overmount sink.

Some sinks come with clips to hold it in place - you may need optional ones depending on the counter thickness. Be careful of the type of sealant you use under the lip, depending on the granite, you may get some bleeding into the stone (some is more porous than others). The clips slip over a threaded stud attached to the sink and sandwich the sink and the under side of the countertop when you tighten the included nut/washer. If they are not long enough, or are the wrong shape to work, they may make optional ones for this application. I'm sure someone else will have more experience and chime in.

Oftentimes, if it is a cast iron sink, they rely on the weight of the thing and the sealant to hold it in place; stainless, because it is so light is usually clamped and sealed. You might get away with just using the sealant as an adhesive, but using the clamps is better.

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