Re: heated kitchen cabinet?
Posted by PW on July 06, 2004 at 11:53:07:
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For proofing dough? Just a wild guess.

: Recently bought a farm house built in the 40's. when beginning to remodel i found in the a floor to ceiling kitchen cabinet something I am unfamiliar with, hoping to get an explaination. the cabinet, approc 2'x7' floor to ceiling has coppper hotwater tubing running on the interior surface of the cabinent at the edge of the adjustable shelve in two courses. Thi8s tubing is plumbed to the hot water heat in the basement. The floor of the cabinet is ventelated, the shelve have 4 to 6 1" holes drilled thru the surfaces and at the top the cabinet is ventelated to the outside. Can't imagine the function of this.

: Clueless in Seattle
: Craig

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