Re: plumbing help????
Posted by grant on July 06, 2004 at 00:32:28:
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i need to add a second sink problem is its 15' away from the first sink vent. In the middle of the house!right under a load bearing wall (i want to run 1 1/2" abs vent through the roof problem is i dont want to rip a big hole right next to a beam sitting on the sill plates! its just a little bar sink can i use this ? alsoi wanted to tie it into another vent stack in my basement which is hooked up to my first kitchen sink and a washer drain from the garage which i dont even use!but this second sink will be connected with a 90 degree going down into 11/2 to2"then tie into the original stack sorry for so much just confused thanks for anyones advice is there any way to do this without running a vent out of the roof? the guy at ace said to run it up my wall a few feet but that sounds a little strange !

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