Inexpensive Bathtubs
Posted by Evan on July 05, 2004 at 19:40:12:
I'm re-modeling both my bathrooms and I'm not looking to spend a lot of cash. I'm going to get something from Lowes or Home Depot, or what the plumbers who re-piped my house sell, as they are going to install the tub/toilet.

American Standard Princeton (americast)
Lasco - fiberglass model
Sterling by Kohler - Vikrell model
Crane Aztec - porcelan on steel
Bootz - procelan on steel
Briggs - porcelan on steel (what my plumber is offering)

I'm looking for something that doesn't need a mortar bed since my quote is based on that, as the plumbers recommended Briggs model doesn't require this. The plumbers want $250 for their tub. The other tubns are $88-120, except for the American Standard which is $210.

Some searching has lend me to most people opting for the procelan covered steel out of this choices. Some say the Americast does NOT hold up well. The Vikrell I can't find anything on.

I'm looking for something that looks nice and will hold up. Cleaning wise we usually use scrubbing bubbles, but if a fiberglass or acrylic tub can't use this, we'll switch. We will use this tub once or twice a month MAX as a tub, and even less for showering in.

Can someone guide me in the right tub direction?

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