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Posted by LonnythePlumber on July 05, 2004 at 19:21:41:
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: : : We have a Lasco 2603 shower tub combo, (which probably doesn't matter) and I want to get rid of the stopper drain system on it. It has the little knob right on the drainhole that you pull up to open and push down to close. The drain is always plugging up and you can't plunge it, get into the drain to remove hair, etc. How are these removed? As I stated, the one stopper part just turns and I can't see what to grab hold of to turn it out.Any help please???

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: : You don't go into the strainer to clear your drain. The push toe stoppers screw out of the strainer. They do get out of adjustment and cause slow drainage. If you can identify the brand of waste and overflow you may be able to purchase one and only use the faceplate and plunger mechanism if you want to replace the toe push stopper.
: : You're probably just out of adjustment though.
: : LonnythePlumber

: I've looked on everything near or on the drain and can't find a name of any kind. Maybe I'm unable to explain it well enough, but the little plug that's in the drain, that I push down to plug the drain so the tub can fill, does not unscrew. If I pull it up to drain the tub I can "unscrew" on it forever and it's not coming loose. If I push it down to plug the drain, I can do the same. Up or down, it doesn't matter. it doesn't unscrew out of the drain area, giving me access to clean.

: Tom

You are explaining it well. The name of the W & O is on it's body on the backside of the tub. Do yo have an access opening above the floor?
Underneath the push cap and before it goes into the strainer is a shaft that you need to hold still while you unscrew the cap. You will need small headed pliers or screwdriver side pressure.
If the cap and shaft are turning and turning you are probably adjusting it up and down. LonnythePlumber

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