new home nightmare
Posted by Jacqueline Dieudonne on July 02, 2004 at 16:59:07:
I've just moved to a new home and I really need advice. It turns out that this is a slab house (I didn't know the term or that this design can be a bad idea) and the plumbing is shot. The previous owner didn't disclose the MAJOR leakage/flood/pipe problems and now I'm stuck with massive repair issues. I don't know anything about all of this and I'm getting many conflicting answers. I want to know--from an unbiased source--if it is better to get some kind of partial repair through the large holes that another "expert" put in my floor and through a hole knocked into a section of drywall OR should I have the plumbing entirely refitted to travel overhead. Both jobs are expensive and involved.
I'd appreciate a response s soon as possible as I'm starting a small lake around my house and I'm reduced to turning the main water knob off whenever it's not absolutely needed (Which is a major pain!)


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