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Posted by Davydo on July 02, 2004 at 13:48:34:
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Thanks for the help, I understand grade won't stop backflow and of course I'm venting. Did I say the shower was downstream? It's upstream. I'm not dumb enough to cap off the job before being sure that the system works but thanks for being concerned enough to mention it.

What you said about a small amount of debris holding the preventer open,I've seen.
So, there is no remedy but a backflow preventer. Seems like less than an ounce to me.

Granted I'm reaching with this scenario but I'm trying to cover all the bases. The 3 inch may help. I'd like to have the added slope, but I am limited as to elevation between the existing main and the floor level, thus 4" @1/8"-3/16" per ft. over 14 ft total length, max rise will be 2-5/8". I can stand that.
Although, a subfloor may help with the added rise needed for 3" (Approx 7/8"), as I have plenty of floor to ceiling height to work with.

Further, your right, I will have a plumber take a look at the project. Now, there's an ounce of prevention for you!

Again, thanks for the help

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