Re: New Water Line for Refrigerator
Posted by Gary Swart on July 01, 2004 at 16:55:41:
In response to Re: New Water Line for Refrigerator
Most of these installations are done with a saddle connector that is placed over the supply line and a sharp point is twisted into the line and acts much like a hypodermic needle. Sounds great and works fine for awhile, but often will end up causing problems. The proper way is to solder a tee into the supply line, then a valve. At the valve, a reducer and compression fittings to the copper line to the fridge. You need a flexible section so you can move the fridge out for cleaning, etc. $250 is a lot of money for a simple job, but the plumber has expenses beyond just the fittings. This is why so many of us are DIY. I replaced my old saddle connector myself and it cost less than $5 for the parts. (I reused the original copper tubing to the fridge) Don't use plastic, but if you can't DIY, see if you can find a handyman that will do it. BTW, why does the copper line have to be replaced? I understand the valve, it's likely the saddle type, but the line should be OK.

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