Re: How do I remove stuck kohler tub divertor that leaks
Posted by hj on July 01, 2004 at 09:06:19:
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There are several different types of diverters, but most do not come out by removing the stem nut. There may be a larger "nut" further back that removes it. Lime deposits also seldom prevent it from being removed, they only make it difficult to operate it.

: I have a wonderful old shower/bath kohler faucet -- that has three knobs Hot, Cold, Divertor. When you try to divert the water from the
: bath to the shower half of the water continues to run to the bath, making the shower pressure very weak.
: I have removed the knob and the stem nut and gently (as not to break anything) tried to screw out and
: also pull straight out the stem, to no avail. I figure there are lime deposits on the inside of this divertor.
: Would it be possible for you to instruct me on the proper technique on removing the divertor so that I can
: proceed with confidence. That way if I still break something I will know that I was at least using the right
: technique.

: Thank you for you assistance
: Chris
: Please email me with any answers

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