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Posted by hj on June 30, 2004 at 23:31:43:
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The 1" will be adequate and if he is doing it correctly he should be able to install a shut off valve for the entire apartment at the same time.

: I own a 4 unit apt.bldg. I am having work done to my upstairs units plumbing as the units become vacant. The bldg. is 80 yrs old and the galvanized plumbing is just about to give way. I am replacing galv with copper in between tenants. I am now on the second of 4 units. My question concerns layout. The 2 upstairs Hot water heaters are now presently fed by a new common 1 inch copper riser. A new plumber I'm considering using is suggesting T'ing off this feed to also address the COLD for both apts, (eventually). It seems to me that this wouldn't be correct. Wouldn't this be too much draw for the single 1 inch riser to provide all service hot and cold, to the two apts. (kitchen,bathroom,laundry service)
: I feel that the 1 inch should feed only the hot service and that present individual 1/2" cold risers should be simply replaced with copper where ever they are presently run, as the galvanized is on it's last legs.

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