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Posted by Gary Swart on June 30, 2004 at 12:55:57:
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There are two separate issues here. This is maintance draining which we all should do more often than we do, and emergency draining. For maintance draining, just run a hose out. For emergency purposes like a leak or TP valve failure for which it will seldom, if ever occur, look at your situtation. Start by looking under the house. I installed a new tank and pan for my daughter recently, and was preparing to plumb a drainline when I found that her house is built on ancient river bed, and you could run water forever and it would just drain through the rock. So, I just directed the drain through the floor to drain under the house. If you have a basement with a drain, perhaps you could run the pipe so that it would drain into a utility sink or floor drain. As mention earlier, any drain line connecting to the main drain has to be trapped so that is not a good solution for this problem. You could run a 3/4" PVC line under the floor to the outside. This would require punching a hole in the foundation.

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