Re: Concrete mounted toilet flange closet bolts
Posted by hj on June 30, 2004 at 09:11:37:
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IF there is a cast iron flange it has slots for bolts. I cannot imagine why anyone, especially a plumber with any training at all, would anchor the bolts in concrete, but if they really are, then cut them off even with the concrete and insert new bolts into the flange's slots as if it were a new installation.

: I'm changing a toilet--simple enough except after shearing the closet bolts I discover that they are set
: into concrete. The cast iron toilet flange sits on a concrete slab and was installed in the early 1970's
: by a master plumber. It appears that the bolts are anchored into the concrete. What am I dealing with
: and how do I replace them. Are they closet bolts set in concrete or anchored into concrete anchors.
: What method was popular in the early 1970's mounting a toilet flange on concrete and how best to
: approach this dillema? Thanks, Mike

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