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Posted by hj on June 29, 2004 at 00:56:49:
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You are outside the time frame for the class action suit. Many systems work for 15 years and then develop problems, while others never have any problems at all, so the fate of that system is indeterminent. As for disclosure, that is a legal question that your attorney will have to address.

: I recently placed a purchase offer on a house built in 1989.During the home inspection I found out it was completely plumbed with polybutylene. Being from the north east I never heard of this stuff before.The owner of the house is refusing to release me from the contract without a fight,even though he had prior knowledge of the piping and its problems,he said the pipes are still performing.This house is in N.C.,and they are moving into the critical 10-15 year mark.Do I have any recourse? should the owner have disclosed this info.

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