Re: Plumbing pipes
Posted by jimbo on June 28, 2004 at 23:07:34:
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: If you are talking about the water supply, then copper is probably the preferred system in alomst all parts of the country. There are a few areas where water chemistry is a problem for copper, and some well systems this could also be true.

CPVC is found in some modular homes and other areas. No plumber in his right mind would put just a glue joint between 70PSI and your living room.

Never heard of HDPE or Polypropylene being use.

Polybutylene was used for several years, and hundreds of lawyers have retired rich off the lawsuits, which are not over yet.

A system called PEX ( cross-liked polyethylene) is gaining in popularity rapidly. Old farts like me will be slow to accept it even if it is great.
It does require special tools and special training; it will not be a do-it-yourselg project.

For DWV I like ABS even though Sylvan will cut me out of the will for even mentioning it. He likes nothing but cast iron and you can't hate him for that.

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