Re: New York's new code
Posted by Vince on June 28, 2004 at 21:38:18:
In response to Re: New York's new code
But you do not understand the new economy. Think of the people who were employed to build the house. Now think of how many service calls will be generated by this one home being built by new codes.

Expand this out to the housing sub-division and then all the new sub-divisions in the area. The new economy at work. It really will not matter if there are licensed plumber or electricians (YES, the International series also is replacing the NEC in some areas), the real matter is the money being generated by repairs to buildings done within code work.

It is up to the local jurisdiction to see that LICENSED craftmens perform the required work, but that does not matter where I live and probably not where you live.

New codes require thinking outside the box. In your particular case, do you really think you need the entire 2 inch vent you have. It may actually be overbuilt under strict interpetition of the IPC. Your plumber really did you a favor in making it that large.

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