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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on June 28, 2004 at 17:31:16:
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: I was just wondering what Sylvan thought about the State of New York adopting the ICC code group. Are you familiar with the IPC? Do you think it will be good for NY plumbers?

No it is great for Billy Butt cracks looking to do plumming as fast as possible BUT

NYS is not NYC thankfully and I think the reason NYS sold out is Hellery Clinton and BUBBA Chuck Schmur are not only anti gun (Except Chuck has a full carry) they both are anti health for the poor.

What Hellery and BUBBA Bill did to health care they want to do to plumbing (HINT the same BILL did to Monica)

As long as morons write codes and Graft is taken and code officials can be bought and paid for nothing shocks me any more.

Wet Venting is Marvelous especially in an Aids clinic where the bacteria can incubate a little better and AAV fails GREAT for us expert witnesses

AH the money that had to pass hands to get this passed had be the size of the national debt.

Of course NYS should adapt a "code" used for trailer parks and use the same mentality for sky scrappers.

Consider the World Trade centers were built using a NON NYC code as it would be cost prohibitive.

It was better to risk life and property then actually protect these kind of structures.

In the 1970s when the WTC was going up I asked my instructors why not adequate fire suppression systems?

Reasoning: The Port of Authority writes their own code as they have sovern immunity.

Like in the Dodge caravan rear door lock they figured out in dollars and cents death Vs cost of a better built car Same with Ford and their exploding gas tanks.

Bottom line dollars decides codes and payoffs are a major factor.

Why would a country encourage big business to move overseas to escape OSHA, NIOSH,ASSE,ASTM, ASME, API,MSDS.

Then politicians pass strict labor laws FLSA and then send everything over seas where there are no strict laws and buy stock in these companies

Same with these dangerous codes that allow ANYONE to do plumbing and any imbecile can use PVC and AAV.

Greed and GRAFT/Payoff rule the industry.

With the bombing of the world trade center something came to mind that was discussed during my apprenticeship days when the WTC was being built.

The topic on the minds of plumbers/steamfitter at that time was how to protect life and property with adequate fire protection as we knew no fire fighting equipment could shoot water up that high.

High rise building were always a deep concern of world wide fire departments as these sky scrappers are hell to protect under the best of conditions.

Now considering we have the technology to install stand pipe systems with sprinklers a new concern has arisen that of a possible plane crashing into these sky scrappers and a water system just will not extinguish this kind of fire or even keep it under control until the fire fighters arrive.

Being a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) I know we do have the means to protect these structures with several options for a class B fire.

Even as a fire fighter in the Navy (Damage control specialist) almost 40 years ago we were able to not only contain these types of fires but extinguish them quickly with little damage to the electrical equipment but we saved lives and were able to keep damage to a minimum.

The code bodies should stop thinking bottom line pricing and think of saving people by use of fire suppression systems that use foam or CO 2 or a number of other ways or a combination of several types of protection.

We could for example utilize a two pipe system one would be the cheaper water type and the other using higher temperature rated sprinkler heads for the B type of fire such as oil, gas and other flammable liquids which burn at a much higher temperature then the

A type of fire which is wood paper and for a rule of thumb anything that leaves an ash.

Fire protection is not a new subject as we members of the trades do read about high rise fires and how many life's are lost because of inadequate protection.

I think some good may come out of the World trade disaster by having people wake up and realize how we (professionals in the trade) have been saying all along that these structures need more protection then most code bodies want to address.

Yes, it will add cost to a building design but what price do you put on human life?

Fire suppression systems do save life's and property and there is no valid excuse why they should not be made part of the building codes world wide.

Many times because a fire suppression system is installed the code officials give a "trade off" like less fire rated (time to burn through) walls and stairways.

Think about the fire suppression systems that are utilized in air port hangers, or on Air craft carriers.

We have the technology why not use it?

GRAFT RULES and lifes take a back seat.

I am sure the insurance savings would more then offset the cost human life and the replacement of these structures.

Think about how many billions will be paid out in property damage and loss of life and businesses that are no longer providing jobs and thus the loss of income to the business owners and employees

BUT AAV and plastic and Non suds pressure zone and wet venting and no accountability saves money

We have the Stumblebums like Ted drive em one way one for the road Kennedy going to do if we have a really great code like protecting DRUNKS from driving into a creek and let the lady learn to swim in a car under water.

MORE WOMEN were killed by the Kennedy males then all my assault firearms combined and GUYS like Killer Kennedy are the ones making code policy GO figure.

The more drunk you are the biggest whore monger liars and thiefs the higher you move up on the democrap list.

This what makes America great ANY BUM can get a job

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