Re: toilet problems
Posted by CEA on June 28, 2004 at 16:21:11:
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: I am having trouble with my toilet flushing, it just won't flush like there is no pressure, was told it could possibly be the septic tank is full or could be my toilet there is a big difference in price there, any thoughts?

If when you flush, the water in the bowl rises quickly instead of going down the drain, it's a sewage problem, which is most likely a clog in the toilet trap or the drain, that snaking or even a good plunging may fix. If when you flush, the water in the bowl rises only a little or just sits there, the toilet isn't building up enough water in the tank to flush, which is usually because the flapper isn't closing or the fill valve is stuck or bad. Unless you're having problems with all your other fixtures too, the chances that it's your septic system are extremely low. Good luck.

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