cast iron stack - wet vent -- HELP please!
Posted by Dave on June 28, 2004 at 11:15:49:
I am trying to add a bathroom on the first floor of my house - the house is about 100 years old so I have no idea what plumbing is original. The vent stack is a 4" cast iron pipe, entering through the foundation and exiting through the roof. All the existing plumbing uses this stack and nothing seems to be independently vented. The existing bathroom on the second floor is finished and the walls are closed. The first floor (home to the new bathroom I hope) has a kitchen sink traveling to the stack under the first floor. Also, the basement has a washer and tub that tie into the same stack - neither of these are vented independently. The do have P-traps so the vent may be unnecessary. For the new bathroom do I need a separate vent for the toilet as it has no external P-trap, or can i tie into the old cast iron wet vent and rely on that. the stack is a full 4" up to and through the roof. Thanks

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