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Posted by Sharon Mauer on June 28, 2004 at 09:21:15:
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When I first read Terry's response I thought he had probably misunderstood my question, but I figured "hey - he's the expert - that's why I chose this forum for my question"

So I went home and tried a test. I disconnected the black hose when the water level got to within 1/2 inch from the fill line. No noise! So I filled 2 old shampoo bottles with water and wedged them into the tank, figuring this would cause the filling to stop with less water entering the bowl. Sure enough, no noise! So is this a practical long term solution? I thought I'd call Toto later today and relate this information to them - maybe they'll send me one of those things Terry mentioned.

: Terry,

: What puzzles me is that one would do it and another not. It will also happen after filling is complete and any donation is made to the bowl.

: The second Carlyle I installed, I spread the wax seal around a bit so not so much would compress into the flow as far. (the discharge is rather close to the seal) In my case the flange was sitting a bit high and there was a lot of compression. That was the one that does not make the noise.

: Wonder if it could be a case of just how level the floor and toilet are sitting in that the drip is hitting the side before reaching the bottom of the adapter?

: : It is the water hitting the Unifit.
: : The black fill tube that exits to the overflow tube will continue to fill until the water in the tank reaches it's full height.
: : The bowl is being overfilled.
: : I ran into this some time ago. As the water is filling, the water in the bowl goes over the "dam" and drips into the unifit.
: : The same thing happens with all toilets, though many never notice.
: : China does not resonate so much.
: : At one point, Toto provided a restrictor that fit into the end of the black rubber tubing to reduce the amount of water released for those that asked.
: : Less water in the bowl, less overfilling.
: : When the filling in the tank is complete, then you should be done with it.

: : : I just installed a Toto Carlyle toilet. When I flush it it empties fine, fills up fine and the water stops running into the tank. However, I then hear a "tinkling" of water coming from the drain area of the toilet (either in the unifit adapter or in the porcelain part beneath the bowl/tank). I have checked the flapper - it is not leaking. I have turned off the water and the sound continues. The sounds continue for about 45-60 seconds. I called Toto - they suggested cleaning the fill valve and sent me instructions. I did that, twice, to no avail. Any idea what it might be?

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