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Posted by Vince on June 28, 2004 at 08:56:29:
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It really makes a person wonder why it takes so long for some States and Cities to upgrade their coding to modern times.

Many proactive jurisdictions have already adopted the complete International Code series with little or no problems.

The standard arguement for keeping the outdated codes currently used date back to the buggy whip times. Tradesmen tutored under the old system are fond of recalling their training and knowledge. Or telling of jobs performed in the past under the most adverse conditions. These nostalgic views are nothing more than a craftsman being stuck in a rut while modern technology has passed them by. There are still buggy whip makers, and they make a quality buggy whip, but it is old technology.

Modern codes allow for the use of revolutionary products and ideas that were never dreamed of in "olden times" and the outdated codes reveil this. One who has a proper understanding of plumbing can easily see the difference between these codes.

For me to point out specific examples would make this a long and technical thesis which would become boring at best in a few moments. I would, however, just point to a fundamental aspect of plumbing that the IPC addresses in a way that the "old school" plumber would have never thought of.

This is the approach to venting. IPC has truely broken new ground in a revolutionary change that will affect plumbers for generations. While the old code approached this as a drainage issue, the new code has addressed this as an on going maintenance issue. The nuances on this are very discrete, but those of us who are blessed with the IPC can see a difference in drainage systems and how it affects us.

This is just my humble opinion....

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