leaky flush tower
Posted by rob on June 26, 2004 at 22:10:02:
Hi - I have a toto ultra-max toilet with a g-max flush tower. I have 3 of these toilets and been using them without problems for 5+ years. All of the sudden, I got a leak on the tank where the g-max tightens to the tank. I thought, that's simple, just tighten it. It didn't work. After further inspection, it appears that there is only a leak whn the line is pressurized. I don't think it's leaking due to the gasket or the tightness of the nut holding the flush tower on. It seems like it's internal somehow to the flush tower. Anyway, I was hoping that someone may have had a similar problem, so I'm looking for advice. Thanks for any you can offer.

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