overflowing toilet
Posted by Katherine on June 26, 2004 at 00:13:27:
We recently had a clogged toilet which I thought I had fixed by plunging. However, if I flush the toilet, it overflows. If I pull up on the floater thingy and abort the overflow manually, the water drains at a normal rate and flushes normally. The water in the bowl is clear and apparently clean; it doesn't have a clogged-up appearance. Is it possible that this problem is not related to a clog, but to a hardware problem? I'm wondering if I accidently broke or disabled something when I was shutting off the overflow in order to fix the clog, so that the floater doesn't start floating when it's supposed to or the tank sends too much water to the bowl. Can I try to reset the floater so that it sits lower in the tank? Are there any parts I should test or replace? Or should I simply keep on plunging?

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