Re: Mustee Shower Base Drain Seal Installation
Posted by Ray Donahue on June 25, 2004 at 11:38:28:
In response to Re: Mustee Shower Base Drain Seal Installation
: : I am installing a 34 X 42 Mustee fiberglass shower base on a concrete slab floor. My questions is regarding the rubber drain seal which sides over the 2" ABS drain pipe once the shower base is installed. I was surprised to see in the Mustee instructions that no adhesive / sealant was mentioned between the drain seal and the drain pipe. The drain seal was a tight fit and had to be "tamped" onto the drain pipe (per instructions) - I was just wondering if this is standard and should keep any water from getting between the seal and pipe or the seal and shower base ?

: Almost all the Mustee shower bases I installed using the push in gasket leaked with in a few months

Hi Jason - any suggestions on how you dealt with stopping the leaks would be appreciated. thanks.

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