Re: Toto Carlyle making strange noises
Posted by PW on June 25, 2004 at 09:43:32:
In response to Re: Toto Carlyle making strange noises

Not unusual with the Carlyle. I have one that does that and one that does not. I was suspecting it may have to do with how the wax ring is installed (I had done it differently on each one) but I have not experimented to prove that. Due to a bathroom remodel I will shortly be reinstalling the one that makes the noise, which I will install the same way as I did the other one. Will be interesting to see if there is a difference.

It is just excess water creating a drip as it leaves the toilet, should only last a couple of seconds. It will also happen anytime there is something added to the bowl.

: I just installed a Toto Carlyle toilet. When I flush it it empties fine, fills up fine and the water stops running into the tank. However, I then hear a "tinkling" of water coming from the drain area of the toilet (either in the unifit adapter or in the porcelain part beneath the bowl/tank). I have checked the flapper - it is not leaking. I have turned off the water and the sound continues. The sounds continue for about 45-60 seconds. I called Toto - they suggested cleaning the fill valve and sent me instructions. I did that, twice, to no avail. Any idea what it might be?

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