Posted by Jeff on June 24, 2004 at 13:50:18:
Re: STILL NOISY CAST IRON DRAIN PIPES posted by LonnythePlumber on June 20, 2004 at 13:03:27:

The plumber that supervised the rough in several months ago was out to have a listen. He claims he has not had this issue in more than a decade. His first attempt will be to replace the 90 degree turns with a more gradual drop. If the situation persists, he will upsize from 3.5" cast iron to 4" cast iron. He also mentioned changing the 90 degree turns below the first floor to a more gradual angle.

The changes in cast drain pipe have been made. There is almost no noticeable change in the noise level.

Since this is new construction on a raised foundation should we also look at changing out the drain piping below the first floor from black plastic to cast iron. Noise from water running into the tub from the shower or faucet also resonates thru the downstairs rooms beneath. What are recommendations for insulation of cast iron tubs

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