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Posted by e-plumber on June 24, 2004 at 09:56:00:
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: I'm considering replacing the garbage disposal myself and would like to know what I'm getting into. Being female the strength tighting worries me, and frankly the mess factor.

: Would you please give me some idea of the "unclog the line" type issues. Also what to expect when you open the drain bend/elbow thing. I've never run an auger but this is an old building. The plumbing hook up includes a dishwasher (who's input value is broken so it fills with water - I cut it off at the wall valve after a few days of draining it. Duh). Dishwasher drain goes through the garbage disposal.

: What I'm really asking here is would Beverly DeJulio attempt a replacement situation, not just an new installation? Or should I just "call the man". I'm reasonable adept but hate to start something that I can't finish. Like trying to cut your own hair and having to go to the hair dresser anyway.

Unless the drain line is clogged or slow draining, there isn't a reason to snake or clean it.
A disposer (exact) replacement is pretty basic if you know what you're doing. If you're in doubt, call in a professional.

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