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Posted by LonnythePlumber on June 23, 2004 at 21:22:49:
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: I believe I can fit a 3x2 san tee before I the 3" wyes for the other drains. I can use the 2" takeoff from the tee for the vent of the toilet. The only problem I see is that once I get a few inches high of the tee I will have to go about 12" horizontally before I can get to the wall wher the vent will run up to the attic and tie into the 2" vent from the shower and washing machine. Is it OK to have that vent on the toilet go horizontal for that short distance?

: : If you connect it there, then you are negating the toilet's vent and could create problems. Nothing can connect between a toilet and its vent, (or any other fixture and its vent either, in most cases).

: : : I am remodeling a bathroom in a small summer home that has a 3� main stack that is copper and it transitions to CI before going underground. The existing connections to the stack are in the crawl space except for the kitchen sink that ties in above the floor level and it also has its own vent. The 1-1/2� bath sink drain ties into the 2� shower drain that tees into the stack below the floor, both of these drains also have vents that tie back into the stack higher up. Below that connection on the stack is a 3� tee for the toilet drain which is no more than 24� from the stack and it does not have a separate vent. I am moving the shower and adding a washer/dryer and would like to know if the following is OK. I have no room below the toilet tee to added another tee before it connects to the CI long turn wye. I would like to add a 3� 45 wye on the horizontal part of the drain between the toilet flange and stack and then tie the 2� shower drain and 2� washing machine to that point with another wye connected to the first wye.. The shower and washer will share a separate vent that goes through the roof. Is this ok of the toilet still uses the main stack as its vent. The two additional drains will tie into the toilet drain less than 12� from the stack. Thanks in advance for your help.

I would replace all of the copper drain and vent piping. Fumes eat out the vent and top of the drain pipes. I run into this about every three years where there has been no leakage but odors for the last 5 to 10 years. LonnythePlumber

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