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Posted by Greg on June 21, 2004 at 21:09:21:
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Thanks Sylvan for the detailed reply.

I'm feeling a little better about the Mission coupling. Talked to a couple of other plumbers that say it is a good coupling, it meets code and it's what they would do in their own home.

He was not a fan of using a 1/4 bend and vertical pipe because he says that as you tighten the closet flange the vertical pipe will tend to pull out of the 1/4 bend's rubber gasketed.

Thanks again for the advice and help.


: : Hi,

: : I am having a cast iron DWV system being installed in a new addition. The addition is on a slab on grade. The plumber has used a Mission type rubber coupling to extend the vertical height of the closet bend with a small length of cast iron pipe. Plumbing is all below grade in gravel.

: : My question is this acceptable?

: : Does the closet bend come in an 18" height? What is the maximum allowed vertical height and what issues might you have with a slightly higher height?

: : Based on my measurements, taken from the center of the closet bend (part feeding into the main line), this size might just make it. Worst case measurement with finished tile floor is 19 3/8". The closet bend feeds directly into the main vertical drops or offsets.

: : Thank you,
: : Greg
: Greg, They could use a long sweep with either a mechanical joint a Husky connection 80 in torque or a no hub coupling and Mission is legal. Fernco is not in some areas and I personally never would use one as I do not like highly flexible piping connections.

: Personally rather then a Cast Iron bend although they come in various lengths I prefer a Lead D lead bend as it has the mass for a quieter flush and so easy to repair and its smooth interior prevents anything from sticking to cause a stoppage PLUS it is a longer radius then most other materials.

: The brass floor flange can be easily adjusted in case the tile guy screws up slightly as far as off setting and adding length plus Lead piping is impervious to most house hold chemicals.

: A lead bend with a brass ferrule can be readily attached top cast Iron by a poured joint or MJ or approved couplings

: Cast Iron extensions can also safely be added with proper couplings.

: The probability of a stoppage is nil as the CI is probably 4" or even if the guy cut corners 3" still no problem as most toilets today that are installed legally are 1.6 GPF with with in the FU value of the soil line.

: Another point a lot of codes do allow the use of a 1/4 Bend or short sweep when going from horizontal to vertical.

: Even a Cast Iron 1/4 bend is still a better job then any PVC 90 degree fitting.

: The 18" depending on local codes should be fine.

: Doesnt a soil stack drop more then 18"?

: Normally I use a mission coupling when going from one sized pipe to another like a vent increaser.

: Mission couplings are quality Fernco is another story.

: Many unskilled folks use Fernco couplings as they can cheat on measurements and allow the flexible rubber connection to make up for their lack of plumbing skills by leaving a large gap between the piping arrangements.

: As the low life's say "cant see it from my house"

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