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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on June 21, 2004 at 15:11:32:
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: I was under the impression that lead could not legally be used even in the DWV system, because the lead leaches out and becomes an added burden at the treatment plant/ Any comments? Perhaps you are not aware of the pending toilet-to-tap recycling proposals out here on the left coast.

I use sheet for my roof drain flashing @ 4 PSF and for lead pans also 4 PSF or sheet copper 14 oz per sq ft.

Sheet lead weights in at 4 PSF thus it is 1/16th thick

Lead pipe "D" lead which of course is 1/8 thick weights 2 times the dia of the pipe (lead) thus a 4 " pipe would weight 8 LBS.

The left coast has enough to worry sbout with Feinstein still alive and dwelling there GOOD THING Brooklyn NY knew to send Boxer to your state.

Wanna trade One HELLERY Ice Queen Klinton for one boxer?

But by comparision we are still better off then Massachuhshits as they have Drive Em one wat Ted lurking there.

The Kennedy males killed more women then all my assault rifles combined.

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