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Posted by e-plumber on June 20, 2004 at 18:15:33:
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: I have a tiled shower that leaks around the bottom. I have replaced the pan and everything else has been tried. All of the plumbing is ok. I would like to completely seal the tile so all the water would just go down the drain instead of through the grout into the pan. Does anyone know of a product that will really seal the tile and grout?
: Thanks for your time.---Jim

When I troubleshoot a tiled shower stall leak to the ceiling below, it is a four part test, when you can actually see the leak it easier than looking at just a stain in the ceiling. Allow 10-15 minutes in between each step;
1.) Pressurize the faucet in the wall by capping the shower arm. Check for leak.
2.) Run water directly down the drain without getting anything wet. Check for leak.
3.) Fill shower liner with water to threshold. Check for leak.
4.) Totally spray the tiled walls to check the grout work. Check for leak.

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