Extending Vertical Height of Closet Bend
Posted by Greg on June 19, 2004 at 23:28:28:

I am having a cast iron DWV system being installed in a new addition. The addition is on a slab on grade. The plumber has used a Mission type rubber coupling to extend the vertical height of the closet bend with a small length of cast iron pipe. Plumbing is all below grade in gravel.

My question is this acceptable?

Does the closet bend come in an 18" height? What is the maximum allowed vertical height and what issues might you have with a slightly higher height?

Based on my measurements, taken from the center of the closet bend (part feeding into the main line), this size might just make it. Worst case measurement with finished tile floor is 19 3/8". The closet bend feeds directly into the main line......no vertical drops or offsets.

Thank you,

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