Re: banging pipes after flushing
Posted by Jim DeBruycker on June 19, 2004 at 19:32:52:
In response to Re: banging pipes after flushing
When a valve closes quickly (some toilet valves do, not all), if the supply pipes are not anchored well, the moving water causes the pipes to move - sometimes banging into the wall. There are several solutions (partly bandaids) - anchor the pipes (usually not easy especially if behind finished walls but may be possible from an unfinished basement). Install an air chamber. There are several types. Basically these are a chamber filled with air. It gives the water somewhere to "bounce" off of when it tries to keep going when the valve shuts quicky. This sort of thing also is often seen in dishwashers and washing machnines. Of course, there probably is another possible cause, too.

If you have an old toilet filler as you implied, I'd replace it with a new one anyway. It is pretty straighforward, and inexpensive to do yourself.

If you watch the pipe when the tank shuts off, see if you can see it move or feel it move. This may be your problem.

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