American Standard Champion
Posted by Royal Flush on June 19, 2004 at 00:38:19:
Recently I installed one of the American Standard Champion toilets. I had fought for years with one of those old low volume toilets that took 2-3 flushes. What a dream the new Champion turned out to be! I had forgotten just what a simple pleasure flushing to the toilet could be! Sort of makes a guy to want to go just to be able to use it. Sometimes I have to just sit there and read and then flush it just for fun. It's tempting to use it as a sort of garbage disposal to rid oneself of unwanted kitchen scraps. The possibilities seem endless. The efficient and rapid mechanics of this sleek restroom racer makes makes one wonder if it isn't possibly a portal to a parallel universe or something. So far though nothing has come back as it seems to be a one way trip.

Anyway, I find that the toilet works beautifully, flushes the first time and except for the slightly unconventional clunk as the valve seals off the tank for another thrilling cascade of water ready for the next satisfying flush, I have had no problems with it whatsoever. A small price to pay indeed when compared to the disheartening affliction of flushing and waiting for the tank to fill so one could flush yet again. I would recommend one of these thrones to anyone. I bought one for my parents who suffered the same Hitchcockian agony of the multiple flush water "savers" and they seem even more pleased with it than I am, if such a thing is possible. I say all hail the wise engineers at American Standard! If only they could be awarded crowns suitable for the throne of their masterful and far sighted design!

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