Re: hair line cracks in new tub
Posted by hj on June 18, 2004 at 15:47:51:
In response to Re: hair line cracks in new tub
Amerian Standard will split the install cost when pigs fly over the Empire State Building.

: : :Have you tried to directly contact American Standard? Maybe they have a technology to fix it.
: : Also, the supplier who sold the tub to you or to your contractor should be involved.

: : Unfortunatley, everyone will probably try to bail out on a "material only" warranty, no labor. That's why if there is any possibility of a suitable repair, it should be investigated.

: Jimbo, as a contractor I know like all other contractors manufacturers like A. O. SMITH are prone to failure.

: So to make up for their short comings of these folks most contractors have to figure in a fudge factor.

: AO Smith sold my supplier who then sold me a new 76 gallon H/W heater that was a "leaker" from the giddy yup.

: After weeks of arguing these slobs offered my a lousy $125.00 Which by the way doesn't even come close to my hourly rate.

: I cannot very well tell these victims (accounts) that AO Smith will not pay for my labor thus they cant have hot water till this is resolved.

: Instead I went with Bradford white a real reputable company.

: Any contractor knows his reputation is only as good as his/her last job.

: Do the job right for someone they tell three people DO IT Wrong and they tell everyone.

: HJ critized my prices as he thinks bottom line.

: BUT what happens if a product is defectivew WHO EATS THE TIME?

: I am sure the contractor is going to do the honorable thing and replace the tub no matter what it takes to make the account a happy camper AND Americast I am sure will want to do the right thing and split the recall cost with the contractor UNLIKE AO Smith

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