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Posted by Alex on June 18, 2004 at 13:36:42:
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: : What does the anode rod in a hot water tank do and why do some have them and other do not.

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: Hi, Alex;An Anode will protect your tank from any reaction from the water's chemicals. Some tank metals (if exposed) can corrode from any reaction of these chemicals in the water. The rate of protection depends on the water quality. Usually ,in areas that have a known bad water quality, the anode should be inspected evey 3-4 years. (some anodes can last more than 10 years without replacing).. An anode will slowly dissipate as it protects the tank, and once the anode is completly dissolved it can cause the tank to start a corrosion effect within. Again, it all depends on what chemicals you have in your water. Also, the most suitable type of anode material is determined by the water quality. Hope this helps... Hube

::I have to replace my water tank sometime soon and when shopping I happen to notice different model. I am on well system and have a clorine treatment system with salt to remove the tannens(I think it's spelled this way) Should I be getting a cetain type rod for my treatment.

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