Re: hair line cracks in new tub
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on June 18, 2004 at 11:43:40:
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: I truly feel sorry for you as I do for others that have similiar problems with the Americast. I see bad Americast at least once a year and it is usually less than 5 years old. I won't install them and didn't think any honest plumber in the country did. However there are those on this forum that have put in hundreds without problem. One poster charges almost $3,000.00 to install one.

AH yes GRASSHOPPER now you SEE WHY "One poster "Charges $3,000 to install a tub.

It is called CYA.

If I supply the fixtures and there is a defect I, AM, RESPONSIBLE and I carry several million in insurance to protect my clients

BUT If materials are supplied by others I could careless if the product fails with in an hour of installation.

Many legitimate contractors charge accordingly knowing products do fail and trying to get the manufacturer to eat the cost of labor is just about impossible.

By charging the "right price" I leave enough room to protect everyone involved in case of a product liability claim should happen.

The cost of materials is cheap as compared to labor.

On certain jobs I install an item that cost me $62.00 and I charge in excess of $1,500 to install BUT I do offer a 10 year warranty for labor and materials 100% no deductions.

I would contact your contractor THEN if that fails contact your home owner insurance company as they have means to force a contractor to make good IF HE/SHE is insured.

Having a licensed and insured contractor you have recourse in these types of situations.

License review board for example, consumer protection, a lawyer.

Most alterations are covered for a year depending on the written contract you have.

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