Re: WIRSBO (Please don't tell Sylvan I even mentioned this!)
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on June 18, 2004 at 11:26:54:
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: Anyone have any experience or horror stories about this type of PEX. It is being widely used in new construction now here in San Diego, both service main and inside the dwelling. Are there any issues regarding temperature-either hot or cold?

: Naturally, service issues are starting to surface now that it is around: ( bonehead landscaper just whacked it in half, planning to install a PVC tee for sprinkler take-off.) Now he is trying to explain to homeowner that they will have no water while he tries to find someone with the tools and fittings to repair. I guess everyone will eventually have to invest in the expansion mandrel tools, but they are pricey for only occasional use.

Are you kidding I love plastic as I get to testify how these failures are from the installer and how I can replace the plastic failure with proven quality copper or cast iron properly installed in clean back fill.

Rather then go after the product it is much easier to hang the installer.

Takes a certain mind set to want to bury piping under concrete knowing future access is near impossible, if they have a choice on installation especially in heating applications.

To be the first one on the block to install a non proven product (copper has a 3,000 year tract record) the installer should be hung out to dry.

Like I said I cant wait to go to court against an AAV installer.

I love plastic as it makes more work for the professionals who take it out and replace it.

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