Re: hair line cracks in new tub
Posted by LonnythePlumber on June 17, 2004 at 23:10:10:
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: I recently had a bathroom remodel. Everything is new.
: I purchased an Americast tub. Now two months later I
: notice a spot the size of a quarter that is in a circle with hair line cracks and a light rust color coming through. I am beside myself. This was a very expensive once in a life time remodel. When I went back to talk to the business who did all of the remodel, he told me that sometimes an tiny air bubble is formed at the time the glaze is applied. Then after installation, flexing occurs everytime you get in and out of the tub. Then the bubble pops and creates the cracks. Now what do I do?

I truly feel sorry for you as I do for others that have similiar problems with the Americast. I see bad Americast at least once a year and it is usually less than 5 years old. I won't install them and didn't think any honest plumber in the country did. However there are those on this forum that have put in hundreds without problem. One poster charges almost $3,000.00 to install one.
Nothing can save it. It'll cost $2,000 with wall repair to install a real cast iron. If you only approved the contractors reccomendation of the Americast instead of selecting it you may have a right to recovery from the contractor.
Since I have a Juris Doctor (plumber with a law degree)I hesitate to recommend you go to an attorney but perhaps an office call would be of value. LonnythePlumber

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