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Posted by skintnukles on June 17, 2004 at 16:51:42:
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: : I'm putting tile down in the bathroom. Slab floor. Toilet flange (PVC) is broken. I bought a new one but am having trouble removing the old one. Last time I replaced one like this the old one popped out easily. This one will not budge. Is there a trick to this? Thanks in advance for the advice.

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: If the last one you changed was PVC and it just popped out easily, it wasn't installed correctly, once PVC glue is dry, it's basically there to stay. Is the closet flange over the piping or in a fitting? Either way the flange needs to be cut off of the pipe or drilled out of the fitting, (Ram-Bit). Using caution not to shatter the PVC, you can slice it vertically several times and (try to) chip the pieces off/out with a hammer and fine chisel.
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The flange is installed inside the 4" PVC drain pipe. I'm worried about breaking the PVC pipe below the level of the slab if I try to chisel it out. I don't have a Ram-Bit. Is this something I can get at Home Depot?

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