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Posted by e-plumber on June 16, 2004 at 19:47:22:
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: I know this is kind of strange to be asking this question, but I'm working on a short story and I had this idea for a ending that would basically involve a explosion of sorts that would cause the toilet to overflow so quickly that the entire room would fill up with water, drowning the occupant. In a sense, it would be a explosion that would cause a back up of water, a rupture or an "old faithful" kind of geyser.
: (never mind the fact that the water would easily seep out from under the door; lets just pretend that the door is so tight that minimal water would leak out).
: So...are there any takers on explaining how something like this might be possible? It would be greatly appreciated. If possible, email me any vaulabe information. You would help me make this story rational!

If the water didn't seep out under the door as you mentioned or blow out the window it would drain into the lavatory basin, bathub or shower if the drains weren't clogged preventing the room from filling quickly.
How about if there was a gigantic fish tank that was secretly constructed in the apartment above and it broke causing thousands of gallons of funky green water to flood out the space below when the future dead guy was attempting to install a ceiling fan or the ceiling beams just snapped like toothpicks because of the weight of the water?

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