Re: Toilet Install In Rough-In Basement
Posted by Gary Swart on June 16, 2004 at 15:38:53:
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First, make sure the spacing from the finished wall behind the toilet will be 12" to the center of the drain pipe. Then be sure you have at least 15" on each side. Verify that if the toilet is over 6 feet from the main drain that there is a proper vent. Cutting the extra pipe and attaching the flange depends somewhat on the size of the drain pipe in the rough in. If the pipe is 4", you can use a flange the slips inside of the pipe, but if the drain is only 3", use a flange that slips over the outside. There are flanges that go inside of a 3" pipe, but that restricts the drain too much. So, get the flange first, then you can determine where to cut the pipe. The flange must rest on top of the finished floor and be anchored into the subfloor. (concrete) To do the actual installation, I use my flange as a template and drill at least four equally spaced 5/16" holes in the floor for lead ferrels. Make sure the flange is oriented so that the tee bolts that hold the toilet to the flange will match up. When I glue the flange in place, I use #12 stainless steel screws through the holes in the flange and into the ferrals. The stainless steel costs a little extra, but they won't corrode. Be sure the flange is down flat on the finished floor and that the tee bolts are where they are supposed to be.

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