Posted by mike on June 15, 2004 at 09:47:12:
Hello again, I want to put in a hasgrohe thermostatic mixer 1/2" along with 1/2" volume control since the suppy is all 1/2" in the house. I am putting in a handshower, overhead shower and 2 body jets with a total of 6.5gpm if all were on at the same time. my well delivers about 7.5 GPM. I want to get the hasgrohe quattro diverter valve so i can have any two of the shower units on at any one time. My question is the diverter valve that hasgrohe sells only comes in for 3/4" and I am worried about the effect of having 1/2" feeds but then having 3/4" piping to the shower heads. Do you guys think this is ok? or should I buy reducers and reduce the pipe to 1/2" as soon as it leaves the diverter?
thanks for all your help.

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