Re: How dangerous are sewer fumes?
Posted by Katherine on June 15, 2004 at 00:45:38:
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I looked online for a gas meter. Some are very expensive.... Would this one work well for my situation? It's not too much.

TIF 8850 Combustible Gas Detector

We are calling a plumber we know to come fix it for real - he is very good.

We pulled out the dishwasher and pulled off the wall patch and saw that the elbow going up to the sewer air vent had a crack underneath it and ABS cement was applied to it. We could smell the faint smell of rotten cabbage still right near it, so everyone here is right, the problem is not fixed. We are going to have the whole elbow replaced.

Thanks everyone for your advice. I am so glad that I found this forum. If I listened to my family (landlords) I would "let it go." Instead, I am taking this very seriously, I wish I had known more long ago. I have smelled the smell under the sink for over a year, thinking it was trash or new cabinet outgassing, now I know differently. I hope no long term damage was done to anyone.

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