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Posted by hj on June 14, 2004 at 23:53:35:
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WE have hundreds of those tubs in this area, and I don't know any that have actually been used as a tub for that very reason, besides being uncomfortable. There is no way to use the existing drain without breaking into the floor, and possibly wall if you have an overflow in the tub. And rather than build a wood framework, fill it with ABC aggregate and cement it flush with the existing concrete and then tile it.

: In our master bath we have tub (Roman, perhaps?) built into a solid concrete platform and is finished with the same tile as the platform. The shower stall is off the same platform. We have lived in the house for more than fifteen years and have never used the tub - it sucks the heat out of the water very quickly. My thought is to build a sturdy platform out of 2x6 joists and 3/4 plywood with hardie backer as a substrate for tile that would span the tub. This platform would support a claw-foot or similar tub with the water supply coming to the tub through a wall that seperates the bath from the garage. A couple of years ago we had the house repiped with PEX after several mini-disasters with slab leaks and pinhones in copper. The water in our area of Florida does not agree with copper. My question: is there an acceptable way of mating the drain on the new tub with the one in the concrete tub? Short of taking a jack hammer to the old tub, I can see no way of removing the existing drain/overflow system to allow a connection. Any advise will be appreciated.

: Jim Wingo - Orlando, Florida

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