Re: new toilet runs when water is turned on elsewhere
Posted by Erin on June 14, 2004 at 11:27:17:
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: : We had our bathroom remodeled not quite a year ago and put in a new Kohler toilet (among other things including replacing our galvanized pipes). We've noticed recently that when we turn on the water in any part of the house, this toilet seems to run. And it seems to be getting worse (running longer and longer). I've fixed running toilets before but this seems so weird since it runs when the water is turned on in other places. Anyone know why?

: : And if it's at least in part that the rubber stopper is leaking, isn't awfully soon for this to happen? I mean we haven't even had the toilet a year yet! I'm very frustrated!

: Reply:
: Have the toilet installer return to adjust/repair it as needed.
: The water pressure should also be checked, high pressure can cause this problem of the fill valve turning on intermitently.
: e-plumber

So this doesn't sound like something I can fix myself (darn!!)?
And just so I can understand what is going on, what causes pressure changes like this to happen? When the toilet was installed it seemed to be working fine but over the last couple months, we've noticed some changes (ie when we use our sprinkler, the pressure isn't as strong as before). How do you adjust pressure inside the house?
In case this info helps - our house is very old (100 yrs+) and we've always had pressure issues (can't have more than one thing on at a time type thing) but we were told it's because the pipe from the meter to the house hasn't been updated. We looked into updating that at one point but it was very expensive and we decided we could live with it the way it was. Is this related?

Sorry for all the questions but I'd love to be able to understand what's going on in my house a little better!

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