shower/tub draining slowly
Posted by draintrubles on June 14, 2004 at 10:59:31:
I've got a shower next to the bathtub and both are running slowly. After a typical 5 min. shower, I'll have about 1/4" deep standing water in the shower pan. I used a plunger and pulled up some black chunks, which seems to help. I assume the tub/shower drains are connected. I think there's a big hair clog since my wife has long hair and has plugged up the sinks from time to time, too.

Will a household drain cleaner work to remove a hair clog and get things going again? Can I remove the two screws on the shower drain grate and use a skinny auger to clear the pipe downstream?

How about the bathtub? I have a twist and pull drain plug that I can't remove without unscrewing the entire drain piece. Don't want to that since the tub is upstairs. Will a chemical help -- or just ruin the PVC?

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